The Importance of "Getting It Right" for our guests

With 15 years working in hospitality, 2 award-winning businesses and 5* guest reviews for our EdkaRoom properties, we are proud to share our new course, Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality.

Hi, I’m Edita, the founder of EdkaRoom, and very excited to introduce you to Spotlight Online Hospitality Training, home of my new training course, Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality. This course aims to help hospitality providers learn how to clean a guest room efficiently, without missing anything out.

I am on a personal mission to help improve the level of cleanliness within a hospitality setting and have designed this course to address the top triggers that affect guest reviews, staff appraisals and hotel reputation.

About me

I have been there, the place that everyone begins – knowing little about how to clean a room, and it was through specialist training, my own experience, and becoming an award-winning accommodation provider myself, that I have created my new online course Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality.

15 years ago, I was that person that was asked to return to clean a room again and again, I admit, I had missed parts of a room and it was thanks to extra training, shadowing and determination that I was able to work my way up. I was soon managing a hotel with over 450 rooms and a team of over 100 staff in top hotels across the UK, Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain.

Fast forward and I now have two successful businesses - Edka Room and Edka Laundry, a commercial laundry business, all based in Southampton.

My journey has taken me from working for hotels to being an accommodation provider – and cleanliness and hygiene will never fail to be the most important factor in a satisfied guest!

Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Whether you’re a cleaner, owner of a guest home or manager of a large hotel - the principles remain the same.

Guest accommodation MUST be cleaned efficiently without missing anything - free of any trace of the previous guest – otherwise, the effects could be detrimental to your reputation as a hospitality provider.

You can follow Spotlight Online Hospitality Training on Facebook to read about the four biggest mistakes that could impact guest reviews.

Our first online course Housekeeping Essentials for Hospitality will

· Improve cleaning skills and ability

· Help clean a room efficiently, adding time to clean other rooms

· Improve guest satisfaction and reviews

The course is easy to follow with video guidance, checklists and handouts that can be used straight away to improve your efficiency.

In celebration of the launch of our online course, I have a special introductory rate available - sign up today by following this link.

I will also personally be available for onsite training by appointment or in Southampton on selected dates, where accommodation will be included as part of a special training package.

Keep in touch

Sign up with us to stay up to date, and receive a free Room Audit Checklist – so that you can assess yourself or your team. If you score below 65%, a refresher course with Spotlight Online Hospitality Training is just a few clicks away!

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Enjoy all of the home comforts in a serviced apartment stay

Why stay in a Serviced Apartment?

Serviced apartments have been around for a long time, but the general assumption has been that they are for business travellers only. However, as we resurface from Lockdown and the PM has advised the nation to stay in ‘self-contained’ accommodation, we explore the advantages of Serviced Apartments for everyone.

Traditionally used for corporate relocations and business travellers, the official title of ‘Serviced Apartment’ has been the term used for a type of furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘serviced accommodation’, ‘short let’ and more recently, ‘self-contained accommodation’. They don’t have to be an apartment, quite often you’ll see this term associated with townhouses and cottages too!

So, what does a Serviced Apartment offer that you can’t get in a hotel?

1.      Privacy

The main reason for the ‘self-contained’ advice is that there are NO shared spaces. You have exclusive use for your stay. Often a virtual check-in service is available, with minimal contact with anyone else.

2.      Space

Have you stayed in a hotel before and tried to do yoga, a workout or anything that needed space? It can be difficult, right? Well, a serviced apartment gives you space to do the things you enjoy, it’s a whole apartment for your stay – a kitchen, living area, bedroom and bathroom – all in separate rooms.

It is designed to be a full ‘home from home’ stay.

3.      Meals

A ‘home from home’ stay means that you have all the facilities that you’d have at home. Including a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare and cook your own means, staying in control of your food and budget!

As serviced apartments are often used for long-term stays, there may also be washing facilities.

4.      No hidden extras

A serviced apartment stay will include all of the utilities, water, heating AND WIFI. There is no need to upgrade or go to the lobby for coverage – the apartment will provide you with adequate WIFI to continue working and communicating with the outside world.

Modern serviced apartments will offer NetFlix free of charge too.

Generally, a weekly housekeeping service is provided with bookings of more than a week, and on request for an additional charge.

5.      Dining area

Quite often there is a dining area in the apartment to enjoy your meals, or even use as a workstation.

6.      Living area

A living area will provide somewhere to relax – separate from your bedroom and perhaps with a sofabed for guests. Free TV viewing with subscription channels is a bonus.

7.      Flexibility

Serviced apartment stays are managed by an individual who may meet and greet you, and be your contact for your stay. Booking direct with them allows greater flexibility of extras that they can offer to enhance your stay – such as early check-in or late checkout, extending your stay for a discounted price.

8.      Child and pet friendly

Some serviced apartments offer a garden area or patio, or close to parks for exercise and play. Look for pet friendly apartments where you can travel with your best friend.

9.      More economical

If you’re staying as a family or group, serviced apartments are the solution to keep you under one roof, enjoy your space and be able to cook as you like to stay in control.

Serviced apartment rates are similar to a hotel, sometimes less, and offer a more comfortable and convenient stay.

If you’re staying long term, all utilities and housekeeping are included so one less thing to think about!

What you should expect from a serviced apartment:

  • A fully equipped kitchen, usually with both dishwasher and washer/dryer
  • One or more separate bedrooms (or in studio apartments, a designated sleeping area)
  • A living area
  • A bathroom
  • TV, Wi-Fi and the latest in-room technology
  • All utilities included i.e. water & electricity
  • A weekly housekeeping service (sometimes a more frequent service if required)


About EdKa Room

EdKa Room created by Edita Talat-Kelpsiene, is a luxury self-catering accommodation business located in central Southampton. Boasting 4 beautifully decorated properties, EdKa Room has been running since 2018 and has quickly gained a 5 star reputation on Airbnb.

The properties were all renovated in 2018 and are continuously updated between guests to make for the best experience. They are all located in central Southampton with huge attractions within walking distance such as West Quay Shopping Centre, Watermark Restaurant Parade, The Guildhall and much more. You’ll have no trouble getting around as Southampton’s central line train station is close by as is the bus station. EdKa Room is also perfectly situated for cruise passengers. You can even see one of the terminals from the window of Queens Terrace!

Edita the life and soul behind EdKa Room come with a whole host of impressive work history in the hospitality industry Spanning 15 years working for luxury hotels in London, Qatar, Bahrain and even closer to home in The New Forest.

EdKa Room was a dream that she made reality bringing her expert knowledge to the humble serviced accommodation market and infusing it with her own luxury and personal touches. She is passionate about hospitality and ensuring every guest is well looked after.

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Why Southampton should be top of the list for your next city break


Holidays are not cancelled (touch wood) for the moment so now is a great time for a city break and what better city could there be than Southampton? With its parks, attractions, restaurants and shopping you have everything you need on the doorstep.

Take a step out of your EdKa Room property and simply walk straight into the hustle and bustle of the city centre. All of our properties are centrally located meaning you can just walk to the shops on the high street. If you’re going to spend the day shopping, you can save yourself a small fortune in parking by walking into the city centre unless you are planning a shopping spree of course. One of our biggest attractions is West Quay Shopping Centre. Take a look at their website for a great shopping guide and you can even check to see how busy it is before you leave. 

There is more to Southampton than just shops. Southampton is steeped in hundreds of years’ worth of history. The old walls that surround the city centre can be viewed by anyone. We could talk all day about the attractions but there are so many within the city centre you wouldn’t even need to leave the area! This is a great guide by Visit Southampton on the historical hot spots. 

If you’re looking for something a little more up-beat, then bowling should be top of the list. Hollywood Bowl are located next to the main West Quay Car Park or go for a swim (restriction permitting) in The Quays swimming and diving complex. 

When it comes to food Southampton certainly knows how to have a good time! We may be limited to a 10pm close now but restaurants are all still open and will continue to be restriction permitting. Watermark West Quay has over 20 places to eat with huge names you’ll recognise. But what about the lesser known foodie outlets? You’ll need to head over to Oxford Street where you’ll find Max’s Brasserie. It’s a personal favourite of ours and the food is divine!

We can’t forget one of our biggest assets in the city which is the proximity to the water. Follow the high street all the way to the end and you’ll end up on the pier. If you fancy going out onto the water, there are plenty of boat tour operators still operating. You can charter something fancy with a bottle of fizz or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous you can take a RIB ride. Southampton RIB Charter is the place to look for all your boating needs. 

If you need any more reasons to book a city break just ask us! We’ll gladly help you plan your stay. 

Remember to book direct for extra benefits such as early check in for no extra charge! You can check prices and availability via our website

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Why House Parties Are The Best Kind Of Party

At EdKa Room we love a good house party and we’ve even got the perfect place host one – Queens Terrace our gorgeous 5 bedroom house located in the centre of Southampton. It’s certainly not your average 5 bedroom house, the master bedroom features a whirlpool bath and the lounge, kitchen and diner can comfortably fit your entire family for a get together.

It’s all in the details

Deciding to organise a special event is the best bit but arranging it too is hard work! Trying to co-ordinate all of your family and friends, booking a restaurant and looking for somewhere to go afterwards, negotiating getting the area decorated and making sure everyone’s needs are catered to. Which is why a house party works best, it’s one venue to organise, no need to worry about people turning up late and the awkward bit at the end where you split the bill.

You choose the music, you choose the drinks and with 5 bedrooms available your family can stay the night too!

Deck the halls!

If you’re going to host the party of all parties then you need to make it look pretty stylish right? Queens Terrace is already a pretty swish setting to host the party, all you need to do is add the decorations! Put up the balloons, banners, sprinkles and make it truly special.

It truly is your personal little venue to entertain your friends as you wish. Why not hire in a magician for the kids or a beauty therapist to provide some luxury to your mates? We’ve got some great contacts on hand of people we can hire in on your behalf.

Feeding the masses

You really are spoilt for choice in Southampton when it comes to food, there are literally hundreds of eat in or take out options. One of our personal favourites is Max’s Brassiere which is located behind Queens Terrace. They’ll cook up a storm and then deliver it to the door.

If you’re a buffet fan then you can bring in your own food, we are after all a self-catering property and making your own buffet can be a great option to keep costs down.

FacebookTake a look at Max's Brasserie here!

The aftermath

We’re pretty good at cleaning, but you’ll need to do your bit too. Make sure you take all your rubbish home with you. We run a tight ship and have to get the property looking spic and span again for the next guest.

If you think you’d like to book a party at EdKa Room whether it be a Hen Night, Birthday or other special occasion we’ve got you covered. Check out our package page here.

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