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  • Sara Appleton

8 Solutions of Exclusive Venue Hire

This year sees the return of events, it’s official, they’re back! Whether a corporate event, retreat, birthday celebration or friends reuniting, we are slowly returning back to our social origins.

For businesses, in particular, it has been a long three years where teams have been separated by Covid. There’s been a shift towards hybrid working, remote teams and countless Zoom meetings. Some businesses have recruited using Zoom and yet to meet their new team member. However, this Christmas, we are more inclined to change that by coming together once again.

Traditionally, between November and January, businesses are looking at reviewing the end of year, saying thank you, celebrating success and planning for the year ahead with the senior leadership team. It’s an opportunity to bring everyone together and welcome new faces to the team.

While we all may have been trying to replicate the meetings remotely, it’s just not the same as being in the same room, face to face. As restrictions have lifted, and there is less hesitancy about gatherings, consider the advantages of exclusive hire, for privacy, comfort, and convenience.

Exclusive Venue vs Shared

While hiring conference facilities in a hotel may be what you have always done, having exclusive use of a venue offers a whole range of benefits…

1. Privacy: Perhaps you want to discuss sensitive topics – a new product innovation, company performance or a re-structure and want to feel confident that those discussions are held behind closed doors.

2. Focus: Your team needs space to focus on the task in hand, and not be disturbed by other guests milling around when they are in break-out sessions.

3. Relaxation: We have all grown accustomed to working in an atmosphere where we can grab a coffee when we want one, not wait for a trolley to bring tepid water and stewed coffee in a flask. We want the comforts of home, away from home.

4. All about YOU: It’s your event, with your people, about your company and your success. You and your team deserve a space dedicated to being all about you where you can work to your own agenda and timescales.

5. Security: Each member of your team is likely carrying a laptop plus at least one mobile phone, but probably two, plus wallets, bags etc. Having exclusive use of a venue means there is no question about everyone’s personal, and business, belongings being safe and secure.

6. No hidden extras: When you have exclusive use of a venue, the price is fixed. There are no hidden or last-minute costs such as service charges added to the deal.

7. Stay in control of budget: Enjoy the supplied coffee-making facilities, or bring your own food and drink, staying in control of your budget.

8. Optional accommodation: More and more teams are spread out across the country with hybrid working, therefore making it difficult to all be in one place without incurring high hotel fees. Consider hiring exclusive use to enjoy accommodation included, often termed ‘a home from home’ setting.

If you are looking to get your team together to say thank you, do some team building or plan for the next year and beyond, and want the focus to be on your people, your firm and your future, think about hiring a venue where you can have exclusive use.

AirBnb is not just for spare rooms, but also holds many venues that could be your ideal solution to a corporate event with a difference.

Imagine having exclusive use for a full day, bringing together your team from across the country, being able to provide accommodation without breaking the bank.

The world has changed over the last three years, perhaps it’s time to do something different!

About Edka Room

Edka Room provides a serviced accommodation solution. By this, we mean our properties are fully furnished, and fully equipped and provide more than just a hotel meeting room.

Our Queens Terrace property is situated in central Southampton, close to local shops, transport links, and easy to get to from the train station.

The house is a Victorian Grade II townhouse, split over three floors. The main attraction is the downstairs area which is fully open plan, giving ample room to mingle and meet for an event or meeting. And if you need accommodation, there are 5 bedrooms to choose from sleeping 8, and if sharing 14.

Enjoy break out areas, a kitchen with coffee making facilities, a large table that seats 8 people and if needed, accommodation for those who have travelled from outside of the area.

This year we are opening the house to corporate events, helping businesses to celebrate, keeping to a budget, yet still providing something different from the norm.

Christmas packages

This Christmas book Queens Terrace for your team Christmas celebrations. With Christmas décor throughout, and our recommendations for external caterers, we can provide a Christmas party that you’re in control of.

Prices start from £300 a day for full use of the day and evening, checkout by 11am. Subject to availability and applicable November 2022 – January 2023.

Day packages

Hiring a hotel meeting area may be tricky if you have confidential matters to discuss. Gain full privacy with our day, or half day, packages.

Enjoying a meeting table with flip chart, hi-speed wifi, connection points and the reassurance of no interruptions. Full day hire from £150 or full day and night from £300, subject to availability.

Always contact us directly so we can give you the best rate and personal service that fits your requirements. Download our leaflet to find out more about our festive packages, and contact Edita on 07840 686000 to discuss your team booking.

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